Alex de Carvalho

Alex de Carvalho, Constant Contact’s Regional Development Director for South Florida

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to catch up with Alex de Carvalho, Constant Contact’s Regional Development Director for South Florida.

Alex is the newest member of the company’s local education team. He brings extensive experience in email and social media marketing, and has played a key role in uniting South Florida’s tech community by organizing Social Media Club South Florida, BarCamp, Ignite Miami, Social Media Day, The Startup Forum, and Mobile Monday events for South Florida’s new media professionals.

As Regional Development Director, de Carvalho will leverage these experiences to help small businesses across Southern Florida understand how to use online tools to engage with their customers and build brand relationships with key constituents and the community.

Read on to find out more about Alex and get his small business tips from the field.

Tell me a bit about your background and what inspired you to join Constant Contact?

“Over the past 15 years, I’ve dedicated myself professionally to social media and email marketing. I co-founded and helped develop a number of companies, including two services for mobile content, an online community for healthcare professionals, and a digital photo-sharing service. However, the very first company I co-created provides email marketing solutions similar to Constant Contact! This experience stands out for me, as I learned a lot about starting up a company and gained a much deeper knowledge about email marketing.

Over the past eight years, I’ve focused my efforts in social media as an adjunct professor at the University of Miami’s School of Communication, a published author with McGraw-Hill, and the founder and community manager for Social Media Club South Florida. Looking back, my experience prepared me to work here!”

Has anything surprised you about your experience since joining the RDD team over the summer?

“An experience that stands out for me was getting to know the rest of the RDD team during our summer meeting. Each one is more interesting than the other, and they are all so friendly and knowledgeable! It’s a real pleasure for me to meet business owners across my region and to help them with questions about the subjects I’m most passionate about. I am also impressed by the fast-paced development, open communication, and supportive colleagues I have met in the company.”

What are you most looking forward to as you prepare to work with small businesses across South Florida?

“South Florida ranks among the nation’s top regions for small businesses, after New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago. And besides the great weather, people start businesses here because of the lower land and labor costs, favorable incentives in certain industries, and the state’s pro-business tax structure.

I’m excited about the opportunity to help people grow their companies through digital and mobile marketing solutions. I am also motivated by the great diversity in South Florida, which counts among the world’s top cities for the number of foreign-born residents. As a Brazilian-Finn who speaks five languages, I can definitely relate to the multicultural and multilingual environment!”

You recently served as keynote at the Annual Hispanic Business Conference in Miami. Are there any insights that you’d like to share, based on your experience at the event?

“The first edition of this very promising conference attracted 700 participants, most of whom were Hispanic small business owners. I was impressed by the organization, the quality of the conversations, and the focus on digital marketing and cloud-based solutions. I enjoyed the great questions from the audience after my keynote, and in particular, their interested participation during my panel session later in the day. I sensed a real desire and even hunger to learn about online marketing solutions and I always enjoy meeting like-minded business professionals.”

Are there any marketing tips or advice you’d like to offer small businesses as they head into Q4, the busy holiday season for so many?

“Wintertime can bring great opportunities for South Florida businesses. For example, Art Basel has grown to great prominence over the past several years, and it’s impossible to ignore the economic impact of this prestigious, world-class event. The savviest businesses have learned to cater to international visitors who arrive from all over the world during December.

South Florida’s population swells during the winter season anyways, as North Americans and Europeans escape their colder climes and South Americans travel here during their summer vacation. This means that businesses should be preparing their marketing communications right now, and planning their events to coincide with the large influx of visitors after Thanksgiving.”

Are you ready for the holidays?

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