Summer School

The words “summer school” usually elicit a pretty negative response (especially from kids!). But for small business owners, taking time out in the summer to learn about, and practice, some newer marketing techniques can pay dividends come the fall season.

Here are 10 quick homework assignments that, if completed, can help rev up your marketing engine:

Improve your email efforts

1.) The future is mobile! Try out a mobile-friendly email template this summer.

2.) Be sure to include links to an email sign-up form on all your website pages.

3.) Review reports from all promotional channels to identify what’s working and what isn’t.

Experiment on social media

4.) Survey customers to see which social networks the majority of them are using.

5.) Try out one new social media platform during summer downtime.

6.) Learn from the competition! Follow 3 top competitors on social media channels.

Build customer relationships with events

7.) Plan a fall event to welcome back customers from summer vacation.

8.) Start planning now for Small Business Saturday.

Get your business found online

9.) Do a search for your business online and make sure all information is correct and current.

10.) Make a list of any places your business isn’t listed (but should be!) and get it listed.

By carving out some time in your day now to experiment with new marketing techniques (some of which may have been on your “to do” list for awhile) you’ll be setting the foundation for business growth in the fall.

For more helpful information about planning today for tomorrow’s success, download our Small Business Success Guide.