With the holiday season already once again upon us, we wanted to see what small businesses were planning for their holiday marketing.

Specifically, this year we wanted to take a look at how small businesses are using data to help inform their marketing decisions.

To find out, last month we sent out a survey to over 1,200 small businesses, asking them about  data, both “Big Data” and, well, more reasonably-sized data.

The responses revealed that, while only 60 percent of small businesses use any type of Big Data tools, they are actively using what we call “Small Data”: activity oriented data which is locally-sourced, easily accessible, and used to deliver immediate results, such as email marketing reports.

Among the 79 percent of small businesses using Small Data for marketing, these are the most popular sources:

  • 83 percent use email marketing reports
  • 64 percent use website analytics
  • 52 percent use social media analytics
  • 48 percent use sales trends (timing, location, etc.)

The infographic below dives deeper into the results, as well as provides some tips for your own holiday marketing.

(Can’t see the infographic? View it here.)

Small-Data-Infographic-3If the infographic piques your interest, check out the accompanying eBook, with even more survey results, here!