There’s no escaping social media marketing.

If you’re using social networks, you probably check them multiple times a day. If you’re not, you’re hearing people talk about social media a lot. It’s become a regular part of peoples’ days.

Social media is still a challenge for many small businesses. 

In fact, 24 percent of small businesses report that they aren’t using social media and 1/3 say they aren’t using it enough to promote their businesses.

It’s no secret that social media can be confusing at first. With so many networks available, how do you know which social media channels are right for your business?

Take our quiz to see which social media network is right for your business. 

We’ll also give you suggestions on what to share and how often. And once you get the hang of one social network, you can add others to your business.

Ready to start using social media for your business?

Once you’ve found the social network that works for you, take advantage of our social media resources to get started. Visit our Social Media Quickstarter for getting started guides for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and more.