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Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your contacts and clients.

But a lot of people complain they get stuck for ideas! Well, you’re in luck! I have come up with a few for you. Please also come and have a look at my company newsletters for more inspiration. We have links online here!

“A day in the life.”

People are curious. Ask one of your team to write a blog post about a typical day at work and all the things they get up to. Feature this in your newsletter with a link to the post (don’t forget to include a nice picture). It gives people insight into what your team members actually do! This can also be repeated in future issues with other team members.

Featured client.

Tell the story of a project you did for one of your favourite clients. Include images of the project and if possible a picture of the client (especially if you can get one of the client visiting you). Put this information in a blog post and write an introduction and link to it for your newsletter.

Tips, apps or tools.

There must be something you use within your business which helps you that you can share with your readers. It may be online apps you use for efficiency or productivity. Or it may be online shops you like to order your equipment from. Or it may be time saving or routine habits you have tried and tested and found work for you. Share these in three quick sharp bulleted sentences with your newsletter readers. And don’t forget to provide links.

Over to you:

If you have feedback or more ideas for our readers please comment below – this will help us all share more cool and interesting things in our newsletters.

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