Calling in sick?

Something I’ve rarely done in my career. In fact, once when I was an executive in the corporate world, the head of HR asked me to leave because I was too sick to be at work. Turned out I had a temperature of 103 and walking pneumonia. Not the smartest thing I’ve ever done and I would never encourage someone who is that sick to expose their co-workers to their illness.

But, with that being said, after managing employees for decades, I can tell you that there are two types of people in the workforce — the doers and the whiners. A toothache, headache, backache, ingrown toenail — some people use any excuse to get out of work. Such behavior is poor when you work for someone else, but serious when you own your own business.

Entrepreneurs who give themselves a pass when they have minor aches and pains shouldn’t wonder why they have not been able to build greater success.

No excuses

My friend, Sue Malone, is a perfect example. Recently, Sue and I spoke at the Women’s Leadership Exchange Conference at the Union League Club in Chicago. Known as the “money lady,” because she is the largest SBA lender in the country, Sue showed up bright and early sporting her signature smile. It wasn’t until we were on stage together that I learned she had been rushed to the hospital immediately upon landing in Chicago the night before and underwent emergency oral surgery. An abscess burst while she was in the air, which caused her to bleed profusely.

Now I know most people would have stayed in bed the next day nursing their painful, swollen mouth. Not Sue! She wasn’t whining — she was doing. She showed up and participated. No excuses. And that’s the true difference between those who succeed and those who flounder or fail.

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