On Sunday night, the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens will meet in New Orleans for Super Bowl XLVII­­—arguably the biggest event in American sports.

Whether you’re a sports fanatic or a part of the 56% that will tune in for the commercials, this guide will arm you with Pro-Bowl worthy marketing knowledge and put you in the front row of the social media action.

How much money are brands shelling out for air time this year?

Super Bowl XLVII commercials bear the price tag of $3.8-4 million per 30-second spot­­—$500,000 more than last year’s price tag. That’s around $126,000 per second. Yowza! Do you know how much a 30-second ad cost in 1970? $42,000.

Are these ads even worth it?

Last year’s Super Bowl was the most-watched TV show in US history, if the 115 million viewers estimated to tune in to watch the game­­—and the ads­­—this year isn’t enough, there are a few other reasons that make it worth it.

Visits and page views to businesses that advertised on TV during the Super Bowl in 2012 saw a 20% increase in visits on the day of the game and maintain higher than average traffic for a week following the game.

Furthermore, most brands are also thinking way beyond the 30-seconds of airtime. Big brands have the luxury of pushing supporting content before, during, and after their pricey commercial across social, paid, owned, and earned channels to amplify their brand’s message.

Viewers are also magnifying the message themselves, last year 42% of the record-breaking tweet volume during the game was about the commercials.

Which brands are spending big bucks on Super Bowl commercials this year?

Top favorites include: Coca-Cola, Toyota, Budweiser, Volkswagen, Oreo, Samsung, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz to name a few.

Can’t wait for the game? Forbes’ ‘esteemed panel’ suggests these ads are not to be missed.

Think watching the game on a big screen is important? The small screen matters too.

This year, 36% of Super Bowl viewers plan to use a second screen to supplement the game-viewing experience. Phones and tablets will come in handy for checking out sports apps, breaking news, behind-the-scene commentary, and of course, social media.

How much social media is really involved with the game?

The final three minutes of last year’s Super Bowl generated 10,000 tweets per second, with 13.7 million tweets sent overall. This year is sure to top those numbers. For Super Bowl XLVII, 52% of viewers say they’ll use social media to discuss the action on the field–and the commercials–during the game.

Last year, one in five brands included hashtags in their commercials. It’d be safe to bet that every commercial will mention social media in some way this year. Is social media the MVP of the game? I’d say so.

Which teams have a winning record on social media?

Located in the birthplace of social media, the San Francisco 49ers have 24% more fans on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. While both teams have over a 1 million fans on Facebook, the 49ers remain on top and dominate the conversation on Facebook across the country.

When it comes to sentiment, the 49ers squeak bye and take the lead again: 79% of their mentions are positive compared with 77% for Baltimore.

How can you keep up with the game on social media?

The game’s official hashtag is: #SB47 but also keep an eye on #SuperBowl and #SuperBowlXLVII

Important Twitter handles to follower: @49ers@Ravens@SuperBowl; @NFL

Other noteworthy hashtags: #SuperBowlAds; #SBhalftime

Want to take your Super Bowl social media game to the next level?

Hootsuite has created a ‘Super Bowl XLVII Command Center.’ Watch not only the head-to-head matchups in the Superdome but also the matchups of the team’s Twitter mentions, their quarterbacks, coaches, and even the team’s Twitter sentiment in the Command Center.

Now that’s you’re in shape to enjoy a social-savvy Super Bowl, all you need to do is stock up on wings and your beverage of choice.

Could you ever imagine paying $4 million to promote your business during the Super Bowl? Will you use social media to supplement your viewing experience this year?