Thanksgiving Weekend 2014: What We Saw This Year

One word: Whoa.

You and other small business owners were busy yesterday, that’s for sure! The numbers just came in, and yesterday — Cyber Monday 2014 — saw more customer emails sent from Constant Contact’s servers than any other day in our company’s history: 365,306,439 emails, to be exact.

That’s a little over one email a day for the next million years!

Delving a little deeper, yesterday’s peak hour was 10:00-11:00 am ET, when over 36 million emails were sent. The peak minute? 1:09 pm ET with over 865,000 emails sent during a 60 second span.

Needless to say, we tip our hats to you! We are also incredibly proud that, among the host of other things you need to do every day as a small business owner, you continue to appreciate the value of email marketing in today’s digital world.

But yesterday was only a small piece of the Thanksgiving pie. Black Friday and Small Business Saturday are also important dates, as well as the day before Thanksgiving, so we’ve tracked the number of emails sent from our servers from last Wednesday through yesterday (what we’ll refer to as Thanksgiving Weekend) and compared them to last year’s numbers.

Below are the results:

Thanksgiving Week Results

There are a few interesting trends here:

  • Small businesses have latched on to Cyber Monday. Not only was the email volume HUGE in 2013, it increased the most out of any day in Thanksgiving Weekend, 2014. No longer does Cyber Monday belong purely to big box online retailers.
  • Cyber Monday also dwarfs Black Friday in terms of email send volumes. We’re not ready to say that Black Friday’s best days are behind it, as some have argued. However this data does point to the impact of dispersed business throughout Thanksgiving Weekend among small businesses.
  • The second most popular day to send emails during Thanksgiving Weekend? The day before Thanksgiving. There is certainly something to be said about getting your email out the door before preparing the turkey and cranberry sauce!
  • Emails sent on Saturday and Sunday increased only slightly. At first we were little bit surprised by this, considering the initial numbers are pointing to an extremely successful Small Business Saturday 2014. But when you’re tending to customers all day on a Saturday, it probably makes sense to get your marketing campaigns out earlier in the week.

These are only the first set of finding we have regarding Thanksgiving Weekend. We’re going to dive back into the data well and see what additional tasty bits of data and insights we can retrieve and share with you. So be on the lookout for another post later this week!

Did your business participate in Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday? Any surprises from Thanksgiving Weekend at our business? Let us know in the comments!

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