What were the hot stories this week in the marketing world?

Well, while people waited to pick up their brand-new iPhones, they were learning about new enhancements to LinkedIn and Google that could affect their efforts to reach and communicate with customers, clients, supporters, and prospects.

Check out this roundup of the week’s big news to learn about these developments, new stats that may encourage you to take your marketing on the go, and more.

1. LinkedIn Adds Status Updates for Businesses

LinkedIn recently added a feature that lets businesses post status updates about what’s going on within the company. If a user follows specific businesses, he will start seeing status updates shared by the company in his homepage news feed.

Bottom Line: With this addition, LinkedIn becomes a little more “social,” and more like Facebook or Twitter. But given that LinkedIn is where more professional activity happens, your news about employee moves, relevant job opportunities, or new product/service announcements may be better received than they would on Facebook or Twitter.

2. Apple Begins Selling New iPhone 4S

The new iPhone 4S went on sale today, and lots of Apple fans (and likely a bunch of frustrated Blackberry users too) lined up at Apple Stores across the U.S. to snatch one up. The new device has a better camera and an updated operating system that includes lots of integrations with Twitter.

Bottom Line: Those Twitter integrations mean users are going to be sharing more than they ever have before. Photos, articles, videos, whatever people are seeing, doing, and reading, will be public and social with just a couple clicks. Are you going to give your customers, clients, supporters, and event attendees something to share?

3. Mobile Coupon Use on the Rise

While use of mobile coupons is still a niche activity, use of those coupons is growing at a rapid pace. eMarketer estimates that 9.5% of U.S. adult mobile users, or 19.8 million people, will use mobile coupons by the end of this year. By 2013, 35.6 million mobile owners will have redeemed a mobile coupon or code for either online or offline shopping.

Bottom Line: Are you making use of mobile in your marketing efforts? Making your emails more easily scannable, and including a coupon that can be read and redeemed while on the go, is one trend you shouldn’t ignore.

4. Google Enhancement Means Good Writing Is More Important Than Ever

Google recently made enhancements to its search algorithm (that’s what it uses to determine what results to show a user), in an attempt to lower the rank of “low quality sites” and improve search results overall. The change reportedly affects almost 12% of all search results.

Bottom Line: It’s not enough to have content (blog posts, etc.) on your website to attract visitors. You need to have good content that will keep people reading. The longer people stay on your site, the higher your site will appear in Google search results.

5. Wednesday Is the Most Popular Day for Content Sharing

The bookmarking and sharing service AddThis celebrated its fifth birthday by releasing a bunch of cool facts about how, when, where, and why people share content. Among the findings: Wednesday is the most popular day, most people click within two minutes of when a piece of content is shared, and more content is shared in the United States than anywhere else in the world.

Bottom Line: People love to share good content. Whether it’s your own original content or something you borrowed from someone else, whether you’re on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, giving people something fun, helpful, or just plain cool that they can easily pass along will help you to be seen as more of a resource, and not just a business that people buy from or an organization that people donate to. (Tools like our Social Share bar can help.)

What news stories caught your eye this week? Share your thoughts in the comments below.