Tomorrow Is Leap Day. How Will You Spend the Extra Time?

How many times have you wished for more hours in the day?

I know I do it all the time.

There never seems to be enough time to get everything done when you’re building a business. Like many of you, I work nonstop, seven days a week. And if I could figure out how to go without sleep, I’d do it.

Well, this week our wish for extra time is coming true.

While most years are 52 weeks plus one day, this year has 52 weeks plus two days — that second day being what we call Leap Day. That’s right: It’s the extra time we’ve all been craving.

Now that you have what you wished for, what are you going to do to make the most of your bonus time?

Rack up more sales

The obvious benefit of the additional day this month is the impact to your bottom line.

If you’re in the services industry, you have an extra day of billable hours. And for product-driven companies, you add an additional day of sales for the month.

In 2008, the last time we had a Leap Year, Walgreens drug stores reported more than a 5% second-quarter profit, which they said was fueled, in part, by February 29.

Spend time with customers and clients

Additional revenue is always good, but Leap Day can be excellent for building customer relationships too.

The extra day means your customers and clients will have more time this month, so why not suggest a breakfast, lunch, or coffee and solicit feedback about your business relationship?

For service providers, you can offer a “free” service on this “free” day. Marketing slogans such as “Leap into Savings” or “Leap Toward Success” can make it engaging and entertaining.

Make it fun for your team

And don’t forget your team members.

Leap Day is not a major holiday, but why not make it fun? I found a number of sites on the Internet offering Leap Day decorations and games. An office pot-luck lunch with a few silly games can be a big morale booster and team building exercise.

Review your year so far

Personally, I think the bonus day is good for strategic planning.

Because it’s a “free day,” it’s a perfect time to step back and review your year-to-date results. Are you on track to meet your first-quarter goals? Do you need to make adjustments? Think of it as taking a breather and reassessing your business strategy.

Tax time is just around the corner. Instead of waiting until the last minute and stressing out, why not use the extra day to prepare for your tax filing? Or how about learning a new skill? Take that online webinar on effective social media marketing you’ve been dying to take but never had the time. Now you do!

And speaking of no time, take a look at your “to-do” list. Leap Day is a perfect time to mark off some of those tasks that never seem to get done.

Take care of yourself

Finally, don’t forget about you. Small business owners tend to put themselves last on the list of priorities. So take a little time on Leap Day to do something just for you. Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your business.

How will you be spending Leap Day? Do you have anything special planned? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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