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Ahead of our webinar on integrating social media and email marketing, we’re looking at ways these two channels can be used together to maximum effect.

In a recent infographic, we asked some of the UK’s leading digital marketing experts for their top tips on the subject, and this week we’re looking at a tip from Shea Bennett of AllTwitter, who urges businesses to look at Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards as an effective means to build a targeted email list.

Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards are a great way for brands to capture prospect emails directly from Twitter with a single click. The user clicks on the button in the card, and their Twitter details (username, real name and email address) are sent to a CSV file on the brand’s Twitter account.

For best results, set up your Lead Generation Card with a lead magnet so that the user gets something in exchange for their email – for example, a free report, discount or competition entry. You can promote Lead Generation Cards like any other tweet, and this is a very effective method to acquire a large database of email addresses from Twitter. Even better, it scales to all budgets.

For the uninitiated, Lead Generation Cards offer a means for Twitter users to share their email address with you at the click of a button without ever leaving Twitter. It makes the whole process hassle free for both parties, with no laborious forms to fill out. All you have to do is use the image and text to show that you have something to offer, then attach the card to your tweet.

The example below shows this in action, with The Barista Bar offering the latest deals and special offers to their email subscribers.

As Shea points out, one of the real joys of this is that the cards can be promoted using Twitter advertising. This means you can target Twitter users based on their interests, keywords they use or even users that have previously visited your website but not converted.

Whilst they used to be the exclusive property of big brands with big budgets, Twitter ads are now accessible to all and a budget as low as £5 or £10 a day can deliver tangible results.

Have you tried Twitter’s Lead Generation Cards? What results have you seen so far?