No matter what their size or industry focus, when asked what is most important for their small business, owners invariably say finding more customers.

As a recent Constant Contact survey found out, small businesses care the most about growing long-term relationships and their mailing list. They do that using a variety of marketing tactics, content, and tools — including apps.

Why apps?

More and more businesses are jumping in the growing pool of technology tools (like apps) to accomplish their goals.

With the proliferation of smart phones and mobile apps, technology has become easier, cheaper, and more accessible to small business. It’s no longer a question of whether they use apps, but what the most efficient ones are for their specific business, audience, and goals.

Typing is no longer the preferred way to add contacts to your list. It’s no surprise, then, that 90% of surveyed respondents consider application integration to be most important to their business.

Most small businesses use applications that integrate with Constant Contact to fuel the growth of their mailing list. Leading the pack are businesses marketing primarily to consumers, with 72% of respondents growing their list through apps that integrate with Constant Contact.

What are the results?

Users have been so successful growing their mailing list through apps that integrate with Constant Contact that they more than doubled it on average over a two-year period.

What are these apps, you may ask?

Many businesses use apps that make it easy for their audience to join the business’ mailing list by easily adding a link to their Facebook Page, blog, email signature, online forms … you name it. These links automatically save the contact info in their Constant Contact list.

Others integrate their contact management/customer relationship management tools with their Constant Contact account to automatically sync up their contacts. This saves businesses time every month, and makes the newest contacts available to include in email communications.

Nonprofits accomplish the same by integrating their donor management tools with Constant Contact.

Interesting, but how do I find such apps?

Your best bet to find the above-mentioned list-building apps and other smart tools is in our app MarketPlace.

For more information, check out the full infographic:


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