Businesses that have been doing email marketing for a while constantly look for new ways to get more results from their existing lists. We coach businesses to “test” and “refine” their strategies. As the inboxes get more crowded, relevance will be a key factor on how effective email campaigns will be going forward. Relevance in content of the email, as well as relevance all the way through the experience, can be a major contributor to the success of your campaigns.

Enter a new app that integrates with Constant Contact called Unbounce. With this tool, users can easily create “landing pages” that can be used for different types of campaigns. Think of a landing page as a special web page that you want to display to a small segment of your site visitors. It’s not your entire website, but it is a place where you can send visitors if you have a unique message you want to deliver just to them.

There are many ways this can extend your email marketing — or any of your online marketing initiatives for that matter. For example, if you want to do an A/B split test with your audience delivering a different message to each segment, this is a great tool. If you have a temporary promotion you want to talk about, you can create a landing page. Or, if you simply want to maintain relevance quickly and easily from your email campaign through your website, you can create a landing page.

Lead nurturing with autoresponders is another way to use a landing page. For example, let’s say that you have a promotional campaign for your graphic design services firm and you’re posting information on your Twitter feed and Facebook Page. In this campaign, you can set up an Unbounce page that you link to with the details for your offer. The goal for the landing page is to get the user to take another action. With Unbounce and Constant Contact, you can add a form to your new landing page for the visitor to complete with their demographic details. The information you collected on this form can be sent directly to a list in Constant Contact. From there, you can set up an email series (aka autoresponders) that will be automatically delivered over a specific time period to nurture the prospect even more.

Unbounce is a great testing and conversion tool for any business. At Constant Contact we use landing pages quite a bit, especially for testing. I’m looking forward to taking advantage of this tool to simplify our process going forward.