The everyday person is looking for new ways to connect with their favorite brand, learn more about new developments, and keep their eyes busy. The combination of these facts helped a new form of marketing emerge: manufacturing video marketing. 

As a business owner, this is another way to show what makes your company special, while boosting your online presence. In this guide, you’ll learn how video marketing works, find out what different types of videos you can make, and get some tips to help you start.

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What can manufacturing video marketing do?

After starting a manufacturing business, you need to get more clients. A big part of this depends on your online presence.

The main purpose of industrial video marketing is to spread the word about your company and boost your online presence. A well-run campaign can lead to more views on your site, more clients reaching out to you, and more sales.

According to, almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day. If your content is among that massive chunk, then that means more brand awareness for your company. 

What types of manufacturing videos do consumers like?

Just like other methods of digital marketing, you have a lot of choices. In the realm of videos, you can do whatever helps promote your business. Below are a few types of videos that consumers like.

Equipment demonstrations

Customers don’t know what machines are used for different operations. They just see the final product. If your company makes or uses any equipment, this is a fun way to show how the product is made on your shop floor. 

Ensure the workstation is clean before shooting the video because the everyday consumer doesn’t know how messy those beds can get.

If you’re making industrial plastic machines, you can set up a grinder and throw scrap plastic in. This creates an interesting and dynamic shot for people to enjoy.

Factory tour

The videographer will follow an employee around the shop floor. The person in front of the camera will explain stations around the factory, show the workflow process, and explain what’s being made. You might time this video to show a cool project going on in-house.

This tour can be put right on your manufacturing website so people can get a look behind the curtain. It shows a potential customer that you’re more than just a name — you have a full factory full of happy people doing exceptional work.

How-to videos

Some industrial manufacturers have converted their videos into consumer-focused pieces. By making a how-to video, you can talk directly to your potential customers without directly selling your services.

These videos should be in the same industry that you work within. For example, if you make automotive wrenches, you might put together some car repair how-to videos.

As you show someone how to do something, you become the expert on the topic. Enough of these videos and you’ll be the industry expert. Viewers will associate you with your industry. The next time they need help in the automotive world, they’ll think back to your instructional videos.

Heartfelt messages from owners

Another style of manufacturing video marketing involves just the owners and a camera. Give the owners a chance to address the audience directly. Thank your customers for their support, wish them well, or address a local or national crisis. 

This humanizes your operation and shows that you’re owned and operated by a genuine person.

Safety demos

Safety demos can be broken down into a few different categories. 

A “real-life” safety demo will outline safety hazards that someone might routinely experience—aimed to show viewers what can go wrong in their life and some quick ways to avoid it. An example might be checking your car’s tire pressure before driving — this would be a good choice for a company that makes tire pressure gauges.

A factory-specific safety demo should go around your factory and show how you stay safe. This is a great way to show consumers your company values its workers and staff.

Finally, you can create safety videos that showcase your product. It will outline how to operate your product safely. Consumers can quickly pull up this video and learn more about the item they just purchased from you.

How can you improve the marketing side of manufacturing videos?

When you consider which type of video you’ll make, you should take a second before shooting. These are some general tips that will help the marketing side of things.

Promote your website

Every video should promote your website in one way or another. Through content marketing, you’ll usually want to avoid blatantly selling your company or product. Instead, you’ll show that you’re an industry expert then link to your website. 

A curious viewer who wants to see more will follow the link and connect.

Boost your email marketing campaign

Alternatively, you can make video content in tandem with your email marketing campaign. The idea is to link videos in the text of your emails or, better yet, by using a call to action button. You can drive readers back to your website or Youtube channel to learn more.

A lot of people prefer to watch a video rather than read a wall of text. Use this to your advantage through your emails.

Connect to your social media accounts

If you have active business social media accounts, now’s the time to use them. You can upload your videos directly through these accounts or you can link to them in the video’s description.

The more interconnected your content is, the more opportunities people have to connect with you. The same video you create and host on your website can also be linked to in the text of your emails and posted on your social media accounts. This boosts exposure to your brand and people’s familiarity with you.

Shorten your manufacturing videos

In general, shorter videos tend to work better. A length between two to four minutes works well and ensures your viewers watch until the end.

This will vary depending on the type of video you’re making and what you’re talking about. If a video is too short, you won’t be able to explain enough. If it’s too long, viewers won’t make it to the end before skipping.

Use text, voice, or effects

Text, voice, and effects are very useful for a manufacturing or industrial company. Many companies opt for a combination of all three in their videos.

You want the visual to be attention-grabbing, so people don’t lose interest. If you’re explaining something that’s otherwise dull, use plenty of graphics and clips to help keep your viewer’s attention.

Keep the format in mind

There isn’t a book of rules when it comes to marketing your manufacturing business. The content and format are entirely up to you.

Keep the format consistent between videos. It will take time to hit your stride and find out what works for your operation. For example, all of your how-to videos can follow the same format:

  • Introduce the problem‌
  • Walkthrough the solution‌
  • Plug your company at the end

As viewers become more accustomed to your video content, they’ll learn to expect a certain format.

Need more marketing help for your company?

You learned all about manufacturing video marketing above. Now it’s time to get started and boost your online presence. If you need help along the way, download Constant Contact’s free manufacturing marketing guide, The Download.