When it comes to getting more leads, qualifying those leads and nurturing them into clients, promoting your listings and nurturing your client relationships, online real estate marketing is important to your success.

This means using a variety of online marketing tools to accomplish each of these tasks. 

It’s important to set up and use a combination of tools that build a strong foundation for your online marketing efforts. Including email marketing, automation, social media, paid ads and more.

However, managing all of your marketing efforts can feel cumbersome if you have to jump between multiple channels and remember all of those different passwords. 

At Constant Contact, our goal is to eliminate that cumbersome feeling and make it easy for you to be successful and drive results. We provide a suite of easy-to-use tools and marketing advice that get you where you need to be – all in one place. 

Watch this on-demand webinar to see how Constant Contact helps you get in front of the right people to nurture leads and build relationships

As you’ll see in the webinar, using a variety of online marketing tools together helps extend your reach. It’s not so much about which tool to use over another. 

See what other real estate agents said when asked what online marketing tools they are already using

real estate marketing survey results
One hundred percent of respondents are using social media and sixty percent say they are already using email marketing.

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