The difference between a well-executed campaign and one that misses the mark is planning in advance. Getting as far ahead of your marketing efforts as possible will make sure that you can anticipate the curve balls that will be thrown your way and will already have backup plans in place in case things go wrong. This is even more important during the holidays, which is why you should start planning now.

No matter what products or services your business offers, a holiday marketing strategy can give your bottom line a significant boost. Some brands even sustain their business for the whole year from holiday revenue alone. Planning out your holiday marketing strategy now can make your efforts stand out from the noise, make your brand matter and make your audience grow.

Stand Out From The Noise

The hardest part about planning holiday marketing is making it stand out from the rest of the marketing that happens throughout the season. Most businesses will be coming up with something to incentivize buyers, so you need to be creative to rise above the noise. The more creatively you can get your message across to potential customers, the more likely they will buy from you instead.

Look at past holiday marketing campaigns from your competitors, other brands in your industry, and other brands you admire. Think of how you would improve upon their efforts and how you can present your business in a completely different way. If everyone’s presenting a $15-off coupon, all of those marketing dollars are being wasted because each business is still going to be on equal footing. You need your marketing strategy to give you an extra edge.  

Make Your Brand Matter

Just talking about your business or products during the holidays isn’t enough to convince people to buy from you, you have to make your brand matter. To make your brand matter to a potential customer, you have to make them care, and show how your product will help them. No matter if you’re selling a product or offering a service, you can make your business matter during the holidays.

Take for example a plumber. Every holiday season everyone in the family piles into the home of one relative and a plumbing service could present an offer for a check up on the pipes to make sure they’re ready for the extra people on their way. That will resonate much better with potential customers than just offering a discount, by touching on a specific and personalized need.

Grow Your Audience

Of course, you can’t get every website visitor to buy from you, even if your holiday marketing is perfectly crafted. When you increase the traffic to your website during the holidays, even if two-thirds of them don’t convert, you’re still helping your long term goals. The bigger your audience, the more chances you have to make a conversion, even if it has to happen after three or four interactions with your business.

Strong branding and careful retargeting can help visitors return to your website, and share your brand with their own personal network. Marketing during the holidays can also convince customers that won’t buy from themselves to buy for friends or family instead. Experiment with your messaging when targeting specific audiences to see what performs best with each group.

You Don’t Need Discounts

If you’re worrying about devaluing your business or product by offering customers significant discounts, then don’t. Just because you see retail stores everywhere discounting their products for the holidays, that doesn’t mean you have to discount so people will purchase from you. All you need to do is give them another reason to buy from you during that time of year.

Releasing new products in time for the holidays can drive hype for your brand without digging into revenue with discounts. Apple does this successfully every year with the release of their latest iPhone in the Fall, just in time for the holidays. Another option is to offer bundle deals, protecting your bottom line, but still presenting value by pairing common items together. Not only is the added convenience useful for customers, but it also helps them try different products to better engage with your business.

Holiday Marketing, Not Holiday Noise

Relating to your customers and knowing them well is the first step to planning any marketing campaign, but it’s especially true during the holidays. Without speaking directly to your customers with messaging that speaks to their individual thoughts and needs, your marketing is just going to be more noise. Think about how your business can use messaging to stand out from the noise, make your brand matter and grow your audience.

Start planning your holiday marketing campaigns by first discovering what your potential customers will be thinking during throughout the season. Create surveys or polls to find out what their thoughts are about your business during the holidays and talk to a few real customers for more direct feedback. The better you can predict their needs and wants, the better you can predict their behavior and drive them to book your service or purchase a product.

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