Building a brand is one of the most exciting, difficult and rewarding experiences for a business owner. Everything is new, the possibilities are endless and the benefits can be monumental, but it takes a serious amount of patience to be done correctly. If a business truly succeeds, they’ll see a rabid customer base that purchases more products and shares the brand with everyone they know.  

Strong branding can also draw in new customers by sparking an emotional connection even before a product is purchased. With some careful planning and hard work, any business can start to see the benefits of smart branding. To start, learn how to position your new brand, create the look for your business, and start establishing strong connections with your customers.

Position Your Brand

Brand positioning is the practice of identifying where you want your business to be placed in your target customer’s mind, and the benefits that your business offers them. The better you can show a specific benefit to your audience, the easier it is for a customer to be interested in your business. The more work you put into positioning your brand, the easier it will be to develop the way your brand looks and what your brand says.

First, figure out the audience that you want to reach. The more specific you can target an audience, the better your branding will speak to those potential customers. Some common identifiers are gender, age, income level, education level, hobbies, etc. Speaking to real customers though is the best way to figure out what they’re looking for in a business. Once you’ve identified where your brand fits in the minds of consumers, then you can start making it look good.

Create Your Look

This is often times where the real fun begins, when colors and taglines start to materialize and your brand finds its identity. The way your business should look to customers should become more and more obvious as you’re developing your brand positioning. This is also when you should start building a website that will help promote your brand, serve as a hub for all of your marketing efforts and drive sales from potentially anywhere around the globe.

When it comes to logo design, whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a designer, make sure it’s as simple as possible. Simple logos are much easier to remember and will stick out in a customer’s mind more than a complicated one. The same goes for colors, both on your website and your branding. By choosing only two colors at most, your brand will better stick out from the crowd. Make sure to choose complementary colors for your website so you can create a consistent look wherever a website visitor clicks.

Establish Deep Connections

The purpose of all this hard work creating logos and positioning your brand is to ignite deep, personal connections between your business and consumers. That work however has only just begun, as keeping connections with a brand takes careful planning for long term success, not short term profit.

Besides identifying with a smart tag line or well-designed logo, brands can deepen their relationships with customers by meaningful surprises. When a customer calls your business, surprise them with incredible customer service. If they’ve made purchases in the past, reignite their love for your business by sending them a free personalized gift, just for being a great customer. The more interactions you can have with a customer that makes them feel special, the stronger the bond will grow.

Better Service From A Brand

If you’re running a service business, you can still benefit from strong branding. It is sometimes harder to identify what your brand should be, but branding can build some of the same connections as an ecommerce brand would for your service business. Often times, a well-branded business can win out over competitors, even if it’s the only difference between the two businesses.

Take for example a local carpenter. For a customer calling on the services of a carpenter for the first time, with no knowledge of carpentry, there’s no way to discern one business from another other than by experience and price. If the two prices are the same and experience levels are comparable, how is the customer supposed to decide? The business that speaks to the customer on an emotional level will book the client. A business with a strong brand will win that battle every time.

A Business People Remember

Better brand recognition can be powerful for a business. Word of mouth is still one of the largest contributors of revenue for many small businesses and a stronger brand is easier to talk about with friends. To get your business on that path, start by positioning your brand, create a look that fits your business, and begin building relationships with your customers.

It can be tough to start giving a business some kind of brand identity, but if anyone can do it it’s you, the person that came up with the business idea in the first place. Think of your business and what it represents to you. Then think about what it means to the customers you’re trying to reach and how that is similar. Once you know how you can help customers, you’ll be able to create a brand around that concept and start to grow your business.

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