New products are exciting, for both businesses and customers. How do you make sure you’re giving them the spotlight? One successful tactic is to send traffic from anywhere on the internet, like from an ad or social media, to a clear, concise custom landing page with a message that drives people to action. Unlike your main homepage, a landing page can be temporary and more specific to just one product or conversion goal. This gives you greater flexibility between campaigns, without having to completely redesign your site over and over again.  

If you have a special product that you’ve been planning for months, a landing page can make sure the launch hits home. When you’re pointing traffic to your website from around the web, that page can convert customers better than your normal homepage. But before you start pointing traffic, you have to create your landing page, by saying the right thing, driving people to action, and testing everything.

Say The Right Thing

Landing pages are powerful because they put your message front and center. Even though your message will be louder, you still have to say something powerful that drives visitors to action. Lay out your text with a headline to draw their attention and leave enough space to keep it looking neat. Just enough text to convey your message, nothing more, will provide enough white space to let the text breathe and prevent a user from just skipping over it.

Your text should identify the problem your product or service solves, and how your business or product helps. Including other sources, like customer testimonials or reviews, will give your business more authority and boost a visitor’s confidence in you. This will make it easier for a potential customer to continue down your sales or conversion funnel.

Drive People To Action

The design of your landing page can be carefully engineered to push website visitors to action. The first step is to choose a specific, singular goal. If you want people to join your email list so you can retarget them later, highlight a benefit for joining your list and leave out any mentions of buying a product. If you want people to buy a product, push your email signup form to a different part of the funnel to focus on driving people to make a purchase.

The more creative you can be with your landing page design, the more engaged a potential customer will be, getting them closer to completing your singular conversion goal. Including useful, entertaining content like a video or making the landing page interactive can double your conversions, or even triple them. Interactive chatbot landing pages, using tools like Landbot, can turn every interaction with your business into a personalized, custom experience for every person that visits your web page.  

Test Everything

Marketing campaigns and landing pages can only be as good as your tests. The better you can test individual variables, the more optimized your messaging will become and the faster conversion rates will grow. A/B testing your landing pages with tools like Optimizely can let you quickly and easily test different variables against each other until you identify a winner.

Break down your landing page into individual components, such as the photo, call to action, button color, message, and testimonials. The more granular you can test the variables on a page, the better the test will show what is working and what is not. Once you’ve identified the variables with the highest conversion rates you can combine the winners into a single landing page and start driving more conversions.

Why Not Use The Homepage?

A homepage is a powerful tool for your business, but it’s not perfect. Especially if you have multiple products or services, you’ll likely be targeting multiple audiences. Your homepage is an effective tool for informing your visitors, but the messaging will be too generic to highly convert specific audiences. With a landing page, you can be more precise in your targeting and your messaging to make the experience more personal for everyone that comes to your website.

A landing page lets you say the right message more clearly, drives people to take action more consistently, and gives you better control for testing everything on the page. Start looking at your audiences and your larger marketing strategy to identify which campaigns could benefit from a landing page. It’s likely they all could benefit from a landing page, driving conversions and growing your business faster than ever before.

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