With the expansion of social media into the daily lives of anyone with a pulse, it makes sense that many businesses think of social media as a viable business platform. You can build a following on social, have an email address that potential customers can use to contact you and even showcase products, but without a website, you’re cutting your business short.

A website gives you greater control over the customer experience, every step of the way. Instead of talking with your customers through a social media platform, which is its own business with its own goals in mind, a website lets you talk one-on-one. Once you get your website up and running you can make each interaction all about your business, you can own your audience, and, most importantly, you can make it personal.

Make It All About Your Business

The key to getting better conversions is controlling the sales funnel. If a user is interacting with your brand on social, there’s a handful or more of other brands trying to interact with them on their screen at the same time. This dilutes your message and makes it much harder to actually convert them into a customer. A website mutes that white noise and makes it all about your business, every step of the way.

When a visitor lands on your site, they’ll be greeted with the message you want them to see, and nothing else. That first impression about your business is completely yours. When they start scrolling, they’ll be reading your carefully crafted messaging that will drive them to action, and be thinking only about your business. When you own the entire experience your message become much clearer and each interaction becomes more intimate.

Own Your Audiences

Facebook and other social media platforms are great for reaching customers where they already spend a lot of time, but it has significant drawbacks. Sure, you could rely on social to be your only platform for informing customers about your business, but that audience doesn’t belong to you. The biggest downside of Facebook is that you have to pay to play.

All of those paid impressions to reach your own customers affects your ROI and your bottom line, significantly. Instead of essentially renting an audience on Facebook and paying for each impression, a website lets you own the audience. This lets you communicate on other channels, such as email, that will give you a much higher ROI and deepen your relationship with the customers. It also lets you better personalize your messaging, because you control who you’re reaching, when and how.  

Make It Personal

Social media is good at getting those quick, snap-decision purchases, but often times that’s the only time you’ll ever see that customer. While it sounds appealing on the surface, after all you are getting the customer to make a purchase, you’re passing up on the chance to double or even triple your revenue. The best customer is a repeat customer, and that quick-purchase behavior doesn’t allow for cross-sell or upsell opportunities. It also makes them less interested in reading your emails, should you try to retarget them down the road, as they’re less likely to identify with your brand.

Getting people on your website and pushing them through your standard sales funnel, instead of through PayPal on social media or sending one-time purchasers directly to a shopping cart page, allows you to add relevant products, personalize the messaging to build a more meaningful interaction and more. The better you can make the experience of purchasing a product on your website, the more likely you can get them back to your site again. The more often you can get people to interact with your brand, the more likely you can keep them as a customer and keep them interested in buying.

Is This A Waste Of Time?

Of course putting up a Facebook page or Twitter page is as easy as entering your name and email, but that’s also the problem–a competitor’s page is exactly the same as yours, except for the name and a photo. Standing out from the competition on social is much harder than making your own website stand out, and using a DIY website builder makes designing your own website almost as easy as joining Facebook.

Instead of spending weeks on a website design, or paying someone else thousands of dollars to custom design it for you, use an AI-powered website builder that takes just a few minutes to set up. Once you enter your name and email, just like on social media, all that’s left is choosing a website template and filling in your content to make it your own. Then, it’s ready to publish and share with the world.  

It’s Time To Take Control

You’re in control of what happens with your business, so why not control how people interact with your brand online? Getting started with building your own website only takes a few minutes and once you do get online, then you can make each interaction all about your business, you can own your audience, and you can make it personal.

Look at websites of competitors and start thinking up ideas for a website of your own. There are really only three pages needed to publish your site, so don’t worry about not being able to build it on your own. If you can build a business, you’ll be able to build a website for it in just a few minutes.

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