One of the biggest challenges an event organizer faces is accepting, managing, and tracking event payments.

Today, our Event Registration campaign offers both online and offline payment options, and we are excited to share our latest payment option – WePay.

You now have the option to accept online credit card payments seamlessly on your event registration page! Your registrants will be able to simply take out their credit cards and pay.

wepay blog screenshot

Tip: Read this post to learn how to connect WePay to an Event campaign in Constant Contact. 

Why WePay?

WePay is a fantastic credit card payment processing option for small businesses and non-profits. Here are some of the benefits:

1. All it takes is a username and password and you are up and running!

WePay offers an incredibly easy sign-up process and offers competitive rates and no setup or monthly fees.

2. Seamless credit card payment experience = less abandons/drop-offs = more successful event.

Your event registrants simply take out their credit cards and pay, no special account required.

3. No more forcing registrants to go to another site to pay for your event.

By keeping them on your registration page, you’ll be able to boost your brand and appear more professional.

4. WePay also works with other Constant Contact campaigns!

In addition to event payments, you can use your WePay account to collect online donations, and run local deals.

5. More online payments mean better cash flow.

Start getting paid faster and paying off your event expenses sooner.

We know it can be tricky collecting payments online, but this really is as simple as it gets.

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