When it comes to social media, the timing of your posts can be just as important as the content that’s in them.

Time may finally be on your side.

New data this week answered some of the most important questions about when to post on Facebook and Twitter to get the most traction for your brand.

Also, Facebook isn’t slowing down when it comes to updating and adding new features.

Read what’s coming next in this week’s news roundup.

1. Is Timing Really Everything? The Best and Worst Times to Post on Twitter and Facebook

Looking for more retweets next week? Tweet on Monday, between 1- 3 pm EST.

How about more likes or shares? Then you better make sure you’re free to post on Wednesday at 3 pm.

This is all according to new data from link shortening and tracking service, bit.ly.

Check out some of their other findings:


  • Links posted between 1-4 pm result in highest click-through rates
  • During the week, Facebook traffic peaks between 1-3 pm
  • Links posted before 8 am or after 8 pm are less likely to get shared


  • Traffic is at its peak Monday – Thursday, 9-3 pm
  • Tweets posted after 3 pm on Friday or during the weekend are less likely to be retweeted

Bottom Line: While these findings are definitely helpful to keep in mind when managing your social schedule, they are not going to be your secret weapon to social media success. Social media isn’t something that you can set your watch by and as a small business owner, you know how unpredictable customer behavior can be.

Want to really know the best time to post on Facebook or Twitter? Do your own research. Pay attention to when your customers are engaging and don’t worry if those times fall outside of 1-3 pm on a Monday.

(Want to test these findings? Try sharing this post during those peak traffic times and see how your friends engage!)

2. LinkedIn Buys SlideShare for $119 Million

It was a big week for LinkedIn – the professional social networking site  announced plans to acquire presentation-sharing site SlideShare for $119 million.

Bottom Line: Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn said it perfectly, “Presentations are one of the main ways in which professionals capture and share their experiences and knowledge.”

LinkedIn has found a niche in offering a way for professionals and businesses to market themselves online.

If you’re not familiar with SlideShare, you may want to get get familiar with it – and expect to see some exciting new features being integrated on LinkedIn.

3. Facebook Offers Have Arrived for Small Businesses

Facebook announced this week that the new Facebook Offers feature, which was introduced in March will be available to businesses in the coming weeks. Facebook Offers was created to allow businesses to bring local deals directly to their Fans’ news feeds. Fans will be able to redeem the offers straight from their mobile device or can have the offers printed out.

Bottom Line: Facebook Offers only part of the engagement equation. The feature may a great way of driving attention to your brand but it’s important that, as an administrator, you capture fan contact information and continue to engage with them after the offer ends.

Offers will help get them to your business; it’s your job to make sure they keep coming back. Check out our podcast discussing Facebook Offers.

4. Would you pay for more attention on Facebook?

Having trouble getting people to notice you on Facebook? No problem. It turns out that Facebook is testing a new “Highlight” feature that will let users pay to have their Facebook statuses appear higher in the newsfeed, stay visible longer, and show up in front of more friends and subscribers.

“Highlight” will only be featured on user pages and will NOT be available for businesses. The new feature will have a button that will appear when users post a status on their Timeline, and will offer them the opportunity to pay to give their update more exposure. The feature is currently only being tested and no plans have been announced for the official release.

Bottom Line: “Highlight” could have a significant impact on what you see in your newsfeed. The current algorithm is designed to show posts from the Facebook friends you engage with most. Now, “Highlight” could open the door for people with specific intentions to spam your newsfeed to disrupt the (somewhat) level playing field that currently exists for promotions.

5. Do you suffer from Nomophobia?

Nomophobia is on the rise!

What is Nomophobia? It’s the fear of being separated from your phone… and 66% of people suffer from it.

That number is up from 53% from a similar study, just four years ago. This study from SecurEnvoy also found that people check their phones an average of 34 times a day.

Bottom Line: We’re hooked, and there’s probably no going back. The integration of phones into our everyday lives has big implications of businesses, too, particularly in the realm of mobile marketing.

What news topics caught your eye this week? Let us know below!