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The alarm rings. Another day, another to do list. You look at it, frustrated that nothing has changed since yesterday, or last week and if you are being particularly brutal, last month.

These tasks are important, otherwise they wouldn’t be on your list.

So why don’t they get completed for you to move your work and business forward?

Chances are you have no one keeping you accountable but you.

When we worked in an organisation, we had a boss. We had other departments, external suppliers, agencies and customers to keep us on our toes and delivering to deadlines.

When we go out on our own, we lose it. We have all the freedom, flexibility and control we crave. No demands or deadlines unless we want them.

Sounds fantastic!!!!!!

And it is, if we can be self-disciplined and motivated to get the work done.

For those who find this difficult I recommend finding external accountability, just like you had in your job.

Here are some ways you can get that accountability and feel the frisson to get the tasks done and off your to do list:

1. Accountability buddy

Find someone you trust and respect. Set up weekly calls with them and share the tasks you must complete that week. They do the same with you.

Then each week, check in with each other on your progress. Having someone you know is expecting you to complete the work gets it done.

2. External deadlines

When you have to deliver work to a client, joint venture partner, or any third party, this sharpens your commitment about getting the job done on time.

Consider if you need to have more external partners you can provide work to, to get your momentum moving. For instance, when I started my weekly newsletter, I know I have to get it out every week without fail, as I have set that expectation to my subscribers.

3. Customers

Delivering work and products to customers is an easy way to get moving on your to do list. When you consider what you have to do for them, break the task into smaller pieces as possible. Chunking it down like this will make it seem less overwhelming for you and easy to start.

4. A Coach

A business coach will not only keep you accountable to doing what you said you would do but also stretch and encourage you to go after what you really want.

They will set goals with you to achieve over the coaching period, help you determine what tasks need to be completed and encourage you to complete them. You will get into momentum and move your business forward.