Looking around at the articles, blog posts, guides, and eBooks about Facebook, they all seem to focus on the same question of “How do I get someone to ‘Like’ my Page?”

While getting people to Like your Page is certainly important, many of these how-tos fail for one business or organization and work great for another.

How are you supposed to know what tips will work for you? Start by asking yourself the question, “Why would people Like me?” and let this determine the techniques that will work for your individual situation.

The reason people do business with you ties directly to the quality of service and the perceived value of their interaction with you.

Did you know those are the same reasons people will chose to Like you on Facebook? Of course, being Liked is not a given — 78% of us only Like 10 brands or less. But it can be valuable: According to Syncapse Corp., a Toronto-based social media management software provider, a customer who Likes you is worth $136.38 more than one that does not.

The reason why someone would Like a business or organization on Facebook may be a little different for everyone, but there are some constants that can help you identify your own why:

1. I Like you because I am your customer and/or I am looking for discounts and promotions.

Treating your customers well and providing value in every interaction is the least expensive and most effective way to get someone to Like you. This method has impact beyond Facebook; in fact, it fuels every way that you communicate. The long-term payoff is seen in the staggering increase of positive word of mouth and the resulting growth of your business.

The next most popular way to leverage people Liking you is to present them with a compelling offer or discount if they do so. It works, but often provides only short-term results. I am not knocking discounts, as I am huge fan of getting a good deal, but as a business you need to understand the limitations of this strategy. This method will give you a spike in Likes but if you’re not thinking long term, you will see a bunch of “unlikes,” or the Facebook Insights measure of People Talking about This will take a nose dive.

2. I Like you because I want to be the first to know and access exclusive content
Who doesn’t like to feel like they’re in a privileged, exclusive club? I know I do. One of the most valuable things you have access to is exclusive knowledge that you can share with your Facebook fans before anyone else. Letting your fans be the first ones to read a guide or article, or watch a video, and then share it, is a priceless benefit you can offer them. Think about the content can you share on Facebook that will keep people engaged and interested in sharing.

3. I Like you because I want others to know that I like you or I respect your views or skills

Some people have said that Facebook is similar to high school, where you want to be associated with the cool kids. On Facebook, instead of kids it is brands. I take a different view: Now I can decide who I want to be friends with on Facebook, without peer pressure. Often, I find I am selecting people and brands that share the same interests and passions as I have. If I am out to impress anyone with a Like, it is only my immediate network. In other words, I now control what is cool, not someone who tells me what to like. This doesn’t mean that peer influence has no impact on my choices; in fact, by sharing what I Like, I’m hoping that other people in my network will Like these brands’ Pages too.

In short, if you give people good reason to Like your business or organization in the real world, they will “Like” you on Facebook. So broaden your view to go beyond Facebook. Make current and future customers like you in every way you communicate with them. When done right, Likes are building your army of advocates that will bring you more customers, and more dollars to your bottom line.

Why do you Like the Facebook Pages you have Liked? How many of these Pages have you gone back and Unliked because they failed to provide value? Share your thoughts in the comments below.