On January 30th, 2014, Yahoo announced that a group of attackers had obtained an undisclosed number of Yahoo Mail usernames and passwords. The attackers were discovered when they started using those credentials to log in to the accounts and scan them for more information. Yahoo has been reaching out to the users of affected accounts and prompting them to change their passwords.

From Yahoo’s reports it sounds like the breach of information did not occur directly on Yahoo’s servers but through a third party that shares login information. While they haven’t disclosed who the third party was, it is safe to assume it could be any of their partners who they share sign in information with.

So why are we telling you about this? Don’t worry your Constant Contact account is safe. But, while this breach does not impact Constant Contact users directly it is well known that many people use the same username/password combination (or even just password) on multiple sites. If you fall into that category, we highly recommend that you change your password on our system and any other system where you use that same password. Constant Contact strongly recommends you use a distinct password on our system.

As always Constant Contact is looking out to protect its users any way we can.

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